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Molly & Coby

Wedding Date:  February 29, 2020

“I can’t wait to marry my best friend!”

Molly and Coby were married on Leap Day, February 29 of 2020.  What a cool date to celebrate every year!  or is it every 4 years?  According to Molly, they will celebrate Feb 28 and (or through) March 1 every year.

I was so grateful to meet this family while working my corporate job several years ago. During a training course, as I was introducing myself and talking about my passions and hobbies, the bride’s mom said she wanted my number so I could do their youngest daughter’s senior photos.  I was just starting to charge clients and get the training needed to be a professional photographer. Back then, I was focusing on high school seniors as a springboard into wedding photography.  Fast-forward several years and the same family contacted me to photograph their other daughter’s wedding.  I was so excited because this was our first booking as professional wedding photographers!

Molly and Coby met at a dining hall on the campus of University of Cincinnati. A classmate in one of Molly’s classes happened to be Coby’s best friend and therefore by chance, they all had lunch between classes.  Social media made it easy to be “friends” and have a means to communicate. After a few months at school, Coby asked Molly on a date and she fell in love with him immediately at a Cincinnati Red’s baseball game, which she described as the “quickest game of my life!”  So, it was only fitting that Coby would eventually propose to Molly at a double-header Red’s game, of course! Well, it wasn’t exactly inside the stadium. Instead, during the 2nd game….I love this story… they decided to check out Smale Park outside the stadium – the 2 of them and another couple. They casually walked around and sat on the giant swings that overlook the Ohio River. Their friends took a selfie and then Molly and Coby took one of themselves too.  Immediately after taking the selfie with Molly’s phone, Molly looked up to see all her friends and family right there – at least 25 people!  She was so excited to see everyone.  She walked toward them to greet them but Coby grabbed her two hands instead and pulled her back toward him.  Totally unaware of what was happening, Molly found Coby proposing to her in front of all their family and friends. In Molly’s words, “I completely blacked out after those words….I’m not even sure I said YES!”  She described it as the best surprise of her life.  And even more surprising, her family had known about this for 7 months!

There wedding day was cold but sunny. There was so much joy and love everywhere. This family is evidently close to each other. Molly is the “second born twin” of this family blessed with 3 daughters.

We feel so happy to have been able to spend this wonderous day with the Pierani/Bromen family. And thankfully, this special event occurred just before the fallout of the Coronavirus/Covid-19, in which many venues closed their doors to weddings.  Picking February 29, 2020 was a novelty that turned out to be a blessing too!

We wish Molly and Coby a lifetime of happiness together as they celebrate their first anniversary this week!  We are honored and humbled to have spent this day with you!

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