Cincinnati & Destination Photographer

Dave and I are a success story! We met in 2005 over a lunch date. And as it turned out, even though we no longer lived in the neighborhood that we grew up in, we had gone to the same schools since Kindergarten and didn't even know each other! We both left the area where we grew up and moved about 20 miles west - both of us separately! We had lived parallel lives since we were 6 years old but didn't meet each other until many years later!  We have 7 kids between us! We finally married in 2014 and are so happy!

How it all Began.... I've always been fascinated with photography, using my parents' camera as a kid and then buying my own Kodak camera, with my babysitting money, at the age of 13. Dave and I were both fully immersed into the 35mm photography scene throughout our college years, back in the day of film and having to drop it off and wait a week to see what we had captures. As we began having kids, our passion for photography blossomed further, despite being so busy as parents (he has 4 kids and I have 3). Today, we have taken our passion and have built a thriving photography business together. We love being on this journey of learning and loving our clients together! We feel so blessed to be able to do what we love and to share this love with our clients! Please follow us on social media to see our latest creations. We hope to work with you soon!

Our Story