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Meet Tyler & Lindsey!

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Divine Intervention Brought These 2 Together Forever!

I can’t believe these 2 cuties will be husband in wife in less than 5 weeks!

We were so happy to be able to capture the proposal at Goodfella’s Pizza in OTR, Cincinnati, where they initially met and therefore, where Tyler decided to propose to her.

And we also photographed their engagement session, which is included with every PHP wedding booking!

Their story is nothing short of Divine Intervention!  Tyler and his friends walked past Lindsey as they were leaving Goodfella’s. Upon seeing her he said, “I just had to stop and tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous”. Ok, I do believe in Divine Intervention, but I must add that Tyler did have a bit of “liquid courage” that night too! But apparently not enough courage to ask for her number – he just kept walking toward the door and left! However, Tyler’s very insightful friend (with a romantic soul, perhaps?) saw this unfold and stopped to ask if he could give her phone number to Tyler. Imagine if he hadn’t stopped! They most likely never would have found each other and would have gone separate ways forever. He gave the number to Tyler who immediately texted her from the backseat of their Uber ride. From there they set up a date, fell in love, and are now planning to spend the rest of their lives together. Isn’t love so sweet?!!

We can’t wait to witness their vows and be part of their incredible journey. Isn’t it funny where life leads us?  My husband and I went to high school with Tyler’s parents and now we’re going to share in their wedding day as their photographer.

Don’t be afraid to take that step out of your comfort zone – the one that propels you to ask for someone’s phone number or the one that tells you to try something new in your life. As much as I’ve always loved photography and the power of capturing time and endearing moments in life, I never dreamed I’d have the courage to venture into wedding photography. People asked and I appreciated their encouragement. But I felt it was just too important of an event for me to be responsible for. I realized eventually that my friends believed in me but I didn’t believe in myself. I looked at the magnet on my office cubicle that had hung there for years. I always loved this quote. It read “WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW YOU COULD NOT FAIL?” And suddenly, as if God was fed up with my resistance too, I realized that photographing weddings would be the pinnacle of all photo sessions I’ve done in the past, and had done well! I realized I was holding myself back from experiencing true joy. I realized I would get so much more personal satisfaction and make a greater impact on other people’s lives by photographing one of the most special days in their lives if I’d just follow my heart. That’s when I decided to learn everything I possibly could about serving my clients on their wedding day and providing photographs to them, capturing their love and their most special day.

Look where Tyler and Lindsey are as a result of Tyler taking a leap of faith. They’re ready to begin their journey which I’m sure will be full of joy and blessings.   What about you? Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of? If not, what’s holding you back?

Join me on Friday, as I introduce to you an adorable sweet family that we photographed.  Until then, wishing you many blessings!



April 30, 2019

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