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Welcome to the first PH Blog! I’m Peggy! My husband, Dave, and I are a wedding photography team based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We’re thrilled you’re here! Twice a week, I’ll be featuring tips for brides, photographers, showcasing stories and photos of our clients, and giving you a little peek into our personal lives. So please, sit back and enjoy! And thanks again for stopping by!

Why photography?

I’ve been passionate about capturing life’s moments – the good and the bad – for more than 40 years now. I’m dating myself, I know! I started taking pictures when I was about 12 and haven’t stopped since! When my first child was born, I had a great excuse to invest in a Nikon 2020. Those were good times, learning all about photography in the non-digital/film era. But more than anything, I could capture pictures of my babies. That was no easy feat! We had to figure out what ISO film speed to purchase based on lighting conditions, take the pictures, write down everything regarding settings, time of day, whatever you needed to remember, and then drop your film off at the local pharmacy and wait (yes, WAIT) a week to see what your images looked like. It’s no wonder when the first digital cameras came out, I jumped at the chance to purchase a digital point and shoot camera. The digital SLRs appeared waaaaay too complicated and “tech-y” so I steered clear of those for about 10 years. Then I learned that the digital SLRs weren’t really all that different than the Nikon SLR I had used when my babies were young. So, in 2010, just in time for my youngest child’s graduation and my first grandchild’s birth, I purchased my first digital SLR, a Canon 60D. Wow, was I amazed at the capabilities, the ease, and the versatility of the camera in my hand! Video and pictures in one – what?? And of course, the most exciting thing is being able to see your pictures and make adjustments immediately. A lot of young people have no idea how life-changing that is!

So here I am in 2019, ready to launch my own photography business full-time, with 2 digital SLRs and an amazing husband by my side, acting as a 2nd shooter, supporter, and best friend in my new journey! One thing that has not changed in the past 40 years – my passion to photograph PEOPLE. Why? I truly LOVE people. We are all unique. We are all on journeys filled with triumphs and struggles. We are all here to serve a purpose and to serve one another. We’re truly honored and humbled whenever we’re asked to photograph someone on their journey, to capture meaningful moments in their lives. A hundred years from now, your legacy will come down to 3 things: the love you gave, the stories about you, and the pictures captured. Dave and I would LOVE to capture your story and give you beautiful images to hand down to future generations. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

On my next blog, I’ll be featuring Amber and Davey. Amber and my daughter, Erin, have been friends for just about 20 years now. She used to go with us on all our summer vacations, and now she has allowed us to capture her love story! I Can’t wait to share their pictures and their story with you!

Wishing you many blessings in the meantime!


January 17, 2019

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